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    Information is power, and the  key to democracy is ready  and  easy  access   to  information on the part of the general  public.  Old  style   bureaucracies have been traditionally  chary  of parting with information, but the Election   Commission  of  India  has    always  been   as transparent as possible, and has been urging   its CEOs in the states to set up their own web-sites too.

At present we have placed the basic vital information, entire electoral rolls in PDF format, so that the  citizens of Punjab can check whether their names figure on the rolls and where their polling station is located, General Lok Sabha Election/General Election to State Legislative Assembly Information. A search facility over electoral database to find the Voters and Polling Stations details are also available.

We seek the active co-operation of the citizens of Punjab for setting up a truly citizen-friendly, transparent and fair system. They are also requested to e-mail their suggestion for further improving the system and increasing public satisfaction. 



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